Going to the Mattresses

Lately, I have been waking up with a bad back, stiff neck, and occasionally too tired, like I haven’t slept 6-8 hours already. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out, the problem is the mattress. I knew it was time to replace it after I noticed the mattress had lost its’ bouncy, supportive form…. and the fact that I inherited this mattress – so who knows how old it is! Time to be a grown-up and go mattress shopping.

Now with mattresses on the mind, I couldn’t help but start seeing all these different advertisements for them. A lot of them with the usual white, crisp and clean feel and a couple dressed in silk/cotton pajamas looking so happy to go to sleep. Ugh, this tells me nothing about the mattress. So imagine my surprise when I arrived at Camden tube station to see a slew of new ads for an eve mattress. Their ads were simple, minimal, and really captured my attention in the right way. Had I not been thinking about mattresses already, I’m still sure I would have noticed these ads anyways.

See more at eve sleep

Not longer after these yellow and white ads appeared, did I receive an email from John Lewis about another mattress offer that looked eerily similar – the Simba Sleep. Another UK based brand, this mattress on the surface looks just like the Eve, but with a grey and teal color scheme instead. Besides the color difference, the Simba’s internal structure is 4 layers of memory foam and conical springs – well technically 5 layers if you count the breathable mattress cover. The Eve boasts a 3 layer memory foam structure and a plush fabric cover.

See more at John Lewis

I thought I had narrowed down my choices to two, but now to make matters even more complicated, a couple more companies have decided to get into the mattress mix: Casper and Leesa.

All of the above companies tend to offer the same services:

  • Modern, continuous scroll, easy to read web design
  • White colored advertisements with one pop of color
  • A 3-5 layered mattress design
  • 100 night free-trial
  • Mattresses delivered next day in a box

Umm, did you catch that – 100 night trial! Not only do they all deliver the boxed mattress to your doorstep (some even offer to take away your old mattress too!), but pretty much all of them offer a £50 discount. These mattresses really target the new wave of millennial customers who prefer things be done in a new and convenient way.

After researching the different brands out there and picking my favorite adverts, I think I might have settled on the Simba. Its the only mattress that offers springs along with the various foam and/or latex layers. I can’t wait to order my new mattress and try it out.

Which mattress do you prefer? Or if none of the above fancy your taste? Check out some mattress companies that offer a similar vibe: Hyde & Sleep, Bruno, and DreamZebra – sleep tight!

*Love that featured photo, see more at SimbaSleep.com!

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