Ter Et Bantine Autumn|Winter 2014-15

The room is white, outlined in crisp, clean walls and yet looks unfinished with the large, squared plywood floor set as the stage. The show is running late and the standing line is getting anxious. Little by little, handfuls of guests are being escorted inside and squeezing themselves into any nook just to get a glimpse. The guitar from the music blazes through the speakers. The show is starting…

The subtly themed black rock and roll-esque collection from Ter Et Bantine was thrilling to watch. From the live Led Zeppelin recording of music played at full blast that it shook the walls and floor, to the chic collection of black adorned with hints of fur, subtle patterned fabrics, classic asymmetrical draping & cuts, and finished with mens inspired shoes, this show was definitely worth the wait 🙂

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