AF Vandevorst Autumn|Winter 2014

What kind of woman do you want to be; sexy, confident, casual, or sporty? If you want one or all of the above, then the new AF Vandevorst Autumn|Winter 2014-15 collection has something for you.

The color palette was taken straight from the military with muted greens and mustard yellows juxtaposed against classic black and sandy browns topped off with a hint of blood red. The matching cargo pants and jacket gave the look and feel of a woman who was both comfortable and edgy, while the matching separates paired with a cap gave the illusion of understated casual.

Known for having well rounded collections including accessories and handbags, two mainstays of this season included an oversized leather belt, to help cinch in the collection’s loose cut jackets and dresses, as well as the designers’ famed leather boots. Headwear included a baseball like cap made of felt and/or leather with their brand name plastered across the brim. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only place their brand name showed up. Taking a cue from the ailing Abercrombie & Fitch, the collection also featured a branded sweatshirt and a model with a decal of the brand’s name on her bare chest. Take a look at the collection and let me know if you find a piece that fits you 🙂

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