Candy Crushed | Manish Arora AW 14-15

Indian designer, Manish Arora, known for dazzling creations that play upon color and pattern, introduces a new and equally colorful collection under his namesake label.  From the invitation to the music to the clothes, the whole collection from Manish Arora’s Autumn/Winter 2014-15 presentation is just too sweet.


The invitation set the tone for everything. It was a complete reflection of the Indian designer’s aesthetic of bright, psychedelic colors. The bright red envelope was a perfect square with an assortment of rainbow colored candies swimming in milk. Once opened, the invitation was just the same. A hard-foamed core invitation with the same bright red background and candies swirling around. There are flecks of gold and purple metallics throughout to enhance some of the candy bits. The invitation was complete with Manish Arora’s signature pink heart logo placed front and center.

Manish Arora Autumn|Winter 2014-15 Invitation
Manish Arora Autumn|Winter 2014-15 Invitation


The show took place at Palais de Tokyo. There were tons of people crowding the stairs waving their cheerfully colored invitations. The room was white; white floor, white walls, and white lights. Ultimately, a perfect background for what was to come. The background music that played, while everyone waited for the show to start, was all too familiar. Everyone was hypnotized by the soothing and  entrancing music from the Candy Crush game. I felt like I was in the game and was being cheered on by Mr. Toffee himself. The room was packed to the brim with crowds of people squeezing their way into nooks and sitting on the stairs to get a peek at the collection.

Manish Arora AW 14 | Palais de Tokyo
Manish Arora AW 14 | Palais de Tokyo


The collection was the cherry on top of the overall presentation. Literally. The models were dressed from head to toe in delicious fabrics and accessories (and resembled the game’s title character Tiffi with their childlike features and playful makeup & hair. I couldn’t help but think back to Mario Testino’s fashion spread for Vogue from the mountains of Peru with the bright, patterned stripes and poncho like cuts walking the runway. From the colorful, light up sneakers to the candy-laden printed fabric, this collection screamed ‘Tasty’. I’m sad to say that some outfits reminded me of certain levels of Candy Crush and had me itching to play a round or two…

Overall, Manish Arora nailed it for creating, inspiring and following through with the Candy Crush theme. By giving a hint of what’s to come through the invite, to trancing the audience with music from the addictive game, and pushing the limits of color boldness, Manish Arora’s collection was definitely ‘Delicious’ 🙂

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