It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To | Gareth Pugh

Paris Fashion Week has officially started and one of the first day designers, Gareth Pugh, debuted his Autumn/Winter 2014-15 Collection yesterday at Palais de Tokyo in the fabulously chic 16th arrondissement. To celebrate the showing of another season, he teamed up with night life club, La Bel’Air to host his after-show party. Unfortunately, things didn’t go exactly as planned…

The party was organised by night life lover Anthony Martin. Mr. Martin had the ingenious idea (please read with sarcasm) to make the private event public by posting the event on Facebook. The party quickly accumulated over 2000 guests within a few days. Myself and some friends personally emailed Mr. Martin before to be added to ‘the list’. When we arrived at the party, fashionably late, we were stunned to see over 200 people waiting outside in a line to get in. The line was for anyone who saw the event on Facebook and the official list ended up being just 100 of Gareth’s closest friends. Mr. Martin was seen shadowing the man with the list and sipping his drink in hand.

Too bad Gareth’s list wasn’t completely up to date; members of design team arrived to the party around 1:15 am and were denied access. Obviously this was some sort of mistake, the party was for the designer, his team, and friends. Why wouldn’t they be on the list. After several phone calls, the designer himself had to come down and argue with the security team and keeper of the list. “This is my party!!” cried Mr. Pugh before his design team was finally ushered into the ‘exclusive’ party 🙂

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