Michael Kors X goop

So I have opened a Pandora’s box on my blog because now I can’t stop talking about Michael Kors (see here and here)! My favorite designer has teamed up with the blonde beauty behind the famous goop lifestyle website.

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s website, goop, is no stranger to setting up collaborations with designers. They offer weekly, exclusive, curated collections made by Paltrow and the designer to enhance some favorite pieces for you, your wardrobe, or home.

Michael Kors, designer of great American sportswear, was amenable to my humble request to collaborate. I had a dream to tweak/remake some of my favorite MK pieces, which have been in heavy rotation in my closet for years. What I love about them is that they are true investment pieces, tried and tested. Welcome to #MKxgoop.  – Gwyneth Paltrow

So what does this MK collection for goop have in store?

The prices for this exclusive 18 piece collection ranges from $125 – $2,595 and includes just a little bit of everything you could want from MK. From the signature gold watch to tortoise rimmed sunglasses and a brown everyday tote to a large oversized cashmere wrap, this collection will definitely sell (items have already sold out since the collection debuted today!).

If you still need a reason to go check out and shop (whatever is left of) the collection, then watch the video below and just see how fun and fancy free this duo gets!

This video is so great. You can clearly see the two are ‘getting ready for the holidays’ by creating a signature cocktail, setting the table with their wish list of guests, and wrapping presents in the iconic tan and white MK boxes. All the while, Gwyneth is wearing the exclusive MK collection for goop. I have to say, she does look great and the pieces are very timeless. When does an oversized cashmere wrap ever go out of style 🙂

*All photos and video from goop.com

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