So I have a confession… I am obsessed with Michael Kors. That’s really no surprise to any of my friends that know me and are tired of hearing me talk about him. But I honestly can’t stop talking him up. A fashion party invite found its way into my inbox and as soon I saw it was going to be at the Michael Kors store on Saint Honore, I didn’t hesitate to RSVP!

Michael Kors in Paris, Saint Honoré

Michael Kors has been around for over 30 years, but has only recently started pushing his collections internationally. When I came to Paris in January, almost nobody had heard of Michael Kors, but now 10 months later, I can’t go anywhere without seeing his classic Hamilton bag one someone’s arm. My favorite thing about this brand is their clean and classic look. They do keep up on trends with their studded, bejeweled bags and wallets to their animal print dresses and shoes. I, however, like to veer towards the classic neutral tones when it comes to clothing and bags, but I love my accessories to be statement pieces. MK’s rose gold watches and chunky gold and tortoise pieces really have caught my attention for the past couple of years.

Michael Kors Hamilton Tote

Having been raised in modest Salt Lake City, where luxury fashion was not available in abundance, I had to covet Michael Kors from afar. It wasn’t until my birthday last winter in Vegas where I finally was able to purchase a dark brown leather Hamilton tote of my own. Slowly, but surely, my MK collection has grown to a wallet , a pair of pumps, sunglasses, and jewelry.

Obviously I am a fan, so I was super excited to go to the event tonight. After a few glasses of champagne, I decided this black tote is my next MK purchase 🙂

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