Creative Door Press Days

I recently had the chance to to explore the new designers inside the Creative Door SS14 showroom. The colorful showroom was a maze of bright colors, metallic works of art, unconventional fabrics, and exaggerated accessories.

There wasn’t a whole lot of branding going on on the Creative Door side other than their black reusable bags. Their invitation was a little underwhelming too. The colors are very dark with the occasional pop of blue and pink, which looks misplaced, and the black bar to the left sets the tone of here we are and here is who we have. Wish I could have seen a little bit more creativity on this…

Creative Door Press Days Invite
Creative Door Press Days Invitation 2013

Refreshments included soft drinks, water bottles and a pitcher of fresh water with fruits. Glasses and some cookies were displayed on a modern, wooden tray next to beautiful flowers. They had a mini lounge area set up where journalists could sit and chat with each other about the various collections in the showroom.

Designers this season included Annaikka, Napsugar Von Bittera, Kristofer Kongshaug, Vanessa Morin, Is Not Dead, Martinez Lierah, Shadow Connected, and Aline Ochoa. An eclectic mix of designers for one showroom, but they all had their own story to tell 🙂

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