London Calling | Advertising Agencies Part 2

The London theme is not over yet. I have a couple of more agencies that need some recognition from my Design Agency tour in the UK over the weekend.


Old Spice Man

Landor definitely has set the bar high for themselves. Claiming to be the dreamers of the dream, they work on branding themselves as an ideas company that makes strategy tangible to help inspire passion and creativity in their clients. This agency brought us the game-changing Old Spice Man back in 2000. Their ultimate goal is to work alongside their clients to make them Stand Up, Stand Out, and Stand for Something. With a founder who started the business in a docked ferry, you can expect this company to continue to make their clients and themselves stand out.


Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 4.59.23 PM
Tommy Hilfiger |

This ideas and innovations company always starts their design process with a vision. They believe that any idea in this day and age has a digital capability. Employees work with such confidence because they are the experts in knowing whats right, whats wrong and why that is. Their high end clientele (Audi, Delta, Nike, Visa, Tommy Hilfiger) should be proof enough that this company knows what they are doing. Today’s users want to have an interactive experience and they know how to help companies reach that potential.


So not exactly an advertising or design agency, but rather a collection an advertising, marketing, and design agencies from all over the world. Originally founded by Martin Sorrell, the financial director from Saatchi & Saatchi; this conglomerate is comprised of over 400 agencies. I mention this company because from the seven agencies I visited, six of them belonged to this group. I found it interesting that all these agencies have clearly made themselves different in some aspect from their competition, but those in the WPP group claim to be able to reach out to their larger network (ahem, competitors) for help and/or bounce ideas off of. Although this sounds a little strange to me, it obviously works in their favor since they are the world’s #1 public communications company 🙂

*Cover image is from AKQA’s Gap campaign

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