Berlin Showroom Invitation

I was recently skimming through the SS14 Modem booklet and was looking at the different invitations that Press and Sales companies submitted to feature their showrooms.

MODEM Paris SS14 Guide

When I came across the Berlin Showroom invitation, it caught my eye for the wrong reasons. (I apologize for the quality of the pic! The original ad has a gray color background, not brown. Also, the box at the bottom is really white, not a tan/beige color!)

Berlin Invite Original
Berlin Showroom Paris SS14 MODEM Invitation

So after reviewing what I didn’t like about the ad, I decided to remake it with my changes. I highlighted the areas that I felt were problematic and numbered them so you can track what I am referencing.

Berlin Invitation-MARKED UP

1. B E R L I N

After looking at the website and reviewing the showroom’s overall graphic design aesthetic, I don’t mind them breaking up the word Berlin and separating the letters to create a frame around the picture. However, the fact that only in this advertisement are the letters cut off the edge makes me think the company did not put any extra effort on this advertisement to fit the dimensions set by MODEM.


Can you read the designers’ names? It was so hard to read, the letters against the busy background made me have to pull the paper closer to my eye. The barely there font needed to be more clear. Oh and since we are talking about font, can you guess how many different types of font are on this page? (Not including logos…)


Clearly the main body of this work is the text inside the box that is centered on the advertisement. Why then would they choose to make this left aligned and line it up to the left side of the box. This breaks up the centered feeling and just makes me wonder why is this information so special to be aligned differently. Oh and continuing from the previous complaint, a new font is introduced here.


This could be combined with complaint number 1, but I decided to keep it separate for another reason. Every fashion pr company has seen the MODEM book and knows how it is put together. So why didn’t they take the time to put some extra space on the edge to account for the spiral binding?! The L I are completely taken away from the advertisement that it makes the other letters, B E R N, just random and cutoff on the edge.


I can understand putting the logos of your supporters on the advertisements. It’s important to have them recognized, but by completely cutting them out of the advertisement and giving them a new section just shortens the image of the model and the overall ad.


If I didn’t circle this, would you have noticed it? Again, another barely there font trying to compete with the background. And yet another font! In total, I counted 4 fonts, too much!!

Berlin Showroom SS14 Invitation Updated
Berlin Showroom SS14 Invitation Updated

In my version of the invitation, the first thing I did was to make all the font the same. The logo for Berlin Showroom uses a sans serif and looks modern, so I used Century Gothic to keep the modernity consistent throughout the whole message. The font in the box was bolded to make it stand out from the background. I also added extra space to account for the spiral binding. This let the B E R L I N letters more visible and let your eyes create a frame around the message.

The model is now more centered in the ad than in the previous. I also faded her color just a little to help the font pop just a bit more. The picture is also continuous to include the logos at the bottom. The logos were also recolored to keep the white theme going. Lastly, I centered the bottom information to the box so it looked more uniform with the whole message.

Let me know what you think about the changes I made 🙂

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