Simone Sauvage SS14 | Le déjeuner sur l’herbe

SS Banner Logo 2

Simonē Sauvage SS14  |  Le déjeuner sur l’herbe

SS-Girls-2Paris based brand Simonē Sauvage embodies femininity. Playful silhouettes are easily combined with vivid prints. The classic apron has always been an inspiration. Simonē Sauvage often gives the possibility to transform pieces from day into night by creating “the new apron”. See-through, voluminous or modern overskirts combined with dresses or skirts to give an effortless yet funky style.

For the SS14 season, Simonē Sauvage celebrates individual freedom and takes inspiration from the famous painting “Le déjeuner sur l’herbe” by Manet. A subtle pallet of bright colors mixed with geometrical cuts combined with silk-satins, lace and raffia braid give the collection a playful and romantic touch. The mixes of flowers with more abstract patterns are ingredients for a refreshing spring summer collection. Waist accentuating dresses, structural skirts, signature aprons, detailed tops and cropped jackets are the perfect way to dress for Le déjeuner sur l’herbe.

Born in Senegal, Sam Attyé made his move to Paris as a teenager and enrolled at the Sorbonne in Paris, in Business and Economics, before studying Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management at l’institut Cartier. During these years, he nourished his creativity and passion for arts, music and fashion. Women are at the center of his inspiration and designs. In 2010, Sam Attyé launched Simonē Sauvage, the perfect definition of what he defines as the modern, young, and independent woman.


After an amazing, challenging 8 months, my internship at Creative Door Communications has ended. My responsibilities included assisting the press manager, making newsletters, reports, and planning events. The press release below is an example of something I worked on my last day.


The header of the press release is a combination of the logo with the designer’s SS14 collection sketches. In photoshop, I combined the four images into a linear row. I tried to smudge/blur the lines between each image so it wouldn’t be extremely obvious of the cut and paste, but I’m still learning the features in photoshop and so the lines are still visible. I also reduced the opacity of the image to let the logo stand out some more. I reduced the the brightness on the logo to increase the black color and make the contrast against the image more apparent.


I finally learned how to make a gif in photoshop. With this tutorial, I was able to make a gif from four images of the collection. The gif was easy to make, but inserting it into our newsletter system was a pain. The gif would load just fine, but for some reason some of the images would stretch in the gif. I couldn’t figure it out. I tried remaking the gif with less images, more images, changing the timing and reshaping the images, but nothing worked. I eventually gave in and used an online gif maker and that seemed to do the trick.

UPDATE: So i totally figured out why it wasn’t working. I needed to use the exact size pixels when making the gif for where I was going to use it. If I made the image bigger or smaller than the original, the gif wouldn’t work.

You can see the full press release that was sent via YMLP by clicking on the thumbnail below. Anyways, enjoy 🙂


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