PFW Invitation Only

Paris Fashion week is underway and all eyes are on the “City of Light” for direction in the fashion world. So how does graphic design fit into this magical week of art?

Tanya Taylor Fashion Week Invitation

We all know fashion week is about the fabulous, over the top shows, that sometimes overshadow the clothes themselves. But how do people get inside to see said shows? With invitations of course! I have seen some pretty awesome invitations in the past for both men’s and women’s shows. However, some most of those amazing invites come from the big houses that can afford such luxuries. The invitation is pretty much the first thing your guest has to decide what the show’s theme may be, is it worth going to, etc. So no pressure or anything, but your invitation should be amazing! Don’t believe me? While at work today, one of the girls opened her invitation to one of today’s PFW shows and after skimming through the invite decided it was not worth her time. First impressions matter people, so don’t make the wrong one!

Chanel Invite
Chanel AW 2012 Fashion Week Invitation

E-Invites are puzzling to me. There is so much potential graphically to produce an amazing invite because guess what, you don’t have to print it out and ship it to anyone! Its just an email with a picture or pdf attached. Somehow people still manage to screw that up to. I recently got an invite to a show with a pdf that was literally a white sheet of paper, a badly pixelated logo of the designer, where & when in a different from from the company’s letterhead and big, bright red letters saying my name and that the ticket was non-transferable. I mean this designer makes super cute clothes, very nice, clean cut, and classic. But this invite reflected nothing of that. I had to do a double take on the official calendar to make sure it was the same designer that was listed.

Lastly, don’t forget about the envelope. I have seen this a couple of times from the smaller PR companies, where they put all their effort into the invite only to come up short to the envelope. Yes the envelope should fit your invitation properly, but its also an extension of the invitation itself. So if you can only afford to do a word label merge from an excel sheet, at least change the font, fill up the label space, and clean it up a little to show you put some effort into it. And please center your labels on the envelope. I’m sure you might have interns doing this, but a sloppy label shows you just don’t care enough for the details.

Dunhill Fashion Week Invitation

No one ever said invitations needed to be made out of paper. The memorable ones tend to stick out in some sort of way. Like Kenzo’s dipped paint stick. Kenzo is known for being a bright and trendy company so their invitation definitely reflected their look.

Kenzo Fashion Week Invitation

Tony Chambers went a different route and gave out fun laser pointers that displayed the event information when lit up.

Tony Chambers Invite
Tony Chambers Fashion Week Invitation
Kenzo Fashion Week Invitation

Kenzo did it again with Russian dolls inside puffy pillow like containers.

And since Fashion Week is always a hassle, don;t forget to take your pills 😉

Betsey Johnson Fashion Week Invitation

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